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Sibling Love
The kiss
It's not incest we only kissed, it was amazing though... I never exspected it to affect me. It was all inocent in the end.
Stories and movies of sibling love
It may be a book or maybe a movie and it's about siblings that have fallen in love. Find it here or post it here. If you post it here make sure you let everyone know in the post who the author is and where it can be bought or found.
Something to Share
Do you have a story you would like to share about you and you sibling in Love, feel free to record it here. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN AND NO PORN. Your story should be done to educate so people can see that sibling love can be beautiful.
Your story about sibling love
Sibling Rape
There are bad exspirences in sibling sex also known as incest. Please feel free to talk about it, but please note. Keep it as clean as possible no porn please. Registered users only.
Discussion about siblings and love.
Introduction and video tutorials
Sibling Love in the Arts
Songs that have a strong possibility being about sibling

Updates of what is new to the site.
Consanguinamory Welcome to the Consanguinamory Discussion Forum “Consanguinarmory” is love between family members or close relatives related by blood, especially of a romantic, erotic, or sexual nature. However, others are welcome here. Consaguinamory is incest, but involves consensual sex and relationships and should not be associated with child molestation or any kind of sexual assault. This is a discussion forum for: 1) People who have experienced mutual attraction with, or unrequited attraction for, one or more family members or close relatives[*], whether or not it can be categorized as Genetic Sexual Attraction, Familial Sexual Attraction, or by any other label. 2) People who have experienced or want to experience consensual sex[**] with one or more family members or close relatives, or are simply curious about consanguinamory. 3) Journalists, academics, social scientists, or other researchers interested in the above. 4) Adults interested in other consenting adults. This is NOT a forum for: 1) Promoting, planning, or facilitating rape, sexual assault, or any form of child abuse, nor the production, transmission, trading, or publication of any type of child porn. 2) Those experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction who are upset by their feelings or want help in managing those feelings to avoid ever acting on them, or to avoid acting on them again, If you don't want these feelings or are dealing with someone who has these feelings and you find that problematic, you can find help at, but only for GSA. They’re not welcoming of anything that doesn’t fit into a narrow definition of GSA. We are not associated with 3) Getting therapy for childhood sexual abuse. There are good places to get help if you were abused. Also, this is not a porn-focused site. Please limit graphic descriptions of sex, and pictures and video with nudity or graphic depictions of sex, to the appropriate sections. Please do not violate copyrights, and as always, do not post or link to child porn. We believe that an adult should not be denied his or her rights to love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults, including those who are relatives by blood, birth, or law. [*] “Family members or close relatives” may include those related by blood, surrogacy, adoption, marriage, or some other legal or social arrangement so that having a sexual relationship with them is illegal, stigmatized, or considered taboo where you reside. For some, that may include, but is not limited to, first cousins, full-blood siblings, half-siblings, stepsiblings, adopted siblings, parent-adult child, stepparent-stepchild, in-laws, etc. [**]“Sex” may include any physical activity or exhibitionist/voyeuristic behavior considered amorous, erotic, or sexual in nature, including, but not limited to masturbation, manual sex, oral sex, sexual intercourse, sexting, sex play, phone sex, etc. Genetic Sexual Attraction is the experience of intense attraction when genetic relatives who have been separated for significant amounts of time, often since birth, are reunited during or post-puberty. The attraction may or may not be mutual. People experiencing GSA are already dealing with so much difficulty from people "outside the community" and often from inside themselves the last thing they need is additional trouble or condemnation from others who have or are experiencing GSA who are either expressing jealous, envy, or self-loathing.
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